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Tecenstar Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. We specialize in the design, manufacturing and supply of high-quality LCD Modules.
Tecenstar has number of advanced LCM automatic and semi-automatic production lines in our factory, which can produce LCM from 1.77’’-10.01’’ in size. Tecenstar supports a wide range of applications in automotive, industrial and medical fields, etc. Tecenstar is in the national forefront of the industry in terms of innovation, level of technology and high quality, and will become a leader in the field of small & medium size LCM.

Shenzhen Tecenstar    
  Shenzhen Tecenstar was founded in 2009, and full of experienced engineers specialized in designing BL, FPC, TP and LCM.

Dongguan Tecenstar
  Dongguan Tecenstar was founded in 2013, and the factory, with 2 adcanced automatic and 3 semi-automatic LCM production lines, was put into production at the same time.

Tecenstar U.S.A.
  Tecenstar U.S.A was completed in 2015, serving the North America market.

Tecenstar Korea


  Tecenstar Korea commenced in 2015, serving the South Korea, Japan, etc. market.